BlacKkKlansamn, do watch it

Director: Spike Lee

So, I needed something to watch while taking apart my lego and it stood between Keeping up with the Kardashian or BlacKkKlansman. But, I decided to watch something with actual black people in it, and not just people profiting from their culture. BlacKkKlansman was a marvelous movie, so I’m more than happy with my decision.

BlacKkKlansman is a wild movie from start to finish. There is a lot of racism in it, making for an uncomfortable watch, but the almost unbelievably crazy plot makes up for it. When watching, I was torn between feeling horrified and immediately after laughing out loud. The fact that it is real makes it so much funnier. The marvelous 70’s setting also makes the film lighter. I think that it was a brilliant movie, it is hard to sit through a two hour long film where everything is dark and depressing. It is way easier to sit through a two hour long film if you get to laugh at the racists assholes. 

My favourite part of the movie was all of the parallels, both them in the movie between the klan and the black student union. Like in one of the last scenes, where the klan was watching Birth of a nation (a really white nationalistic movie), meanwhile the student union listens to Jerome Turner (Harry Belafonte) telling the story of the lynching of Jesse Washington. That is a stark reminder of what those beliefs, that the klan has, leads to. 

Even better was the parallels between the klan and present time. Like when one of the klan members says “make America great again”, the phrase made infamous by Trump. It ties the movie to present times, and helpt to make one hell of a transition. Because the movie ends with footage from the Charlottesville white supremacists march, and from the subsequent protest. It made the movie even more impactful.

Good bonus, it doesn’t suffer from with savior syndrome. Should I write about that? 

BlacKkKlansman is on Netflix, do watch it.

Star Wars the rise of Skywalker Thoughts and reflections

First of all, they really did Rose Tico/ Kelly Marie Tran dirty, she deserved better. I liked her character in The Last Jedi, although I did not like the romantic storyline between Rose and Finn. She deserved more screen time and an actual plot. Putting her on the sidelines made it seem like Disney gave in to the online hate that Tran faced after the release of the previous movie. 

Fun Fact: When I pointed this out to my dad, he was very confused over why she would have faced online-hate, sometimes my dad is very obviously a white male.  

Secondly, it is very obvious that Disney is doing whatever they can to make more money. Like really, what function those D-O have in the movie. He is just another droid that Disney can mass produce and sell. Same with Babu Frik, but if I have to weigh in on the debate, baby Yoda is way cuter that Babu Frik. 

Thirdly, they suck at inclusivity. That same-sex kiss in the end was a pitiful attempt to have inclusivity in their movies. Especially given how open Oscar Isaac have been on wanting Poe and Finn to get together. StormPilot should have been canon. 

So what to take away from this; Disney is a cowardly company that does anything for a profit and want to get complete control of the movie market. In the end we will only have movies with the same format and that keep taunting  inclusivity. If you insist on acquiring the entire market the least you can do is put out good movies.        

Actual Movie Criticism, not just me hating on Disney:

Having Ben die in the end felt like an easy way out. Having the bad guy get his redemption just to kill him off is for lazy writers who don’t want to deal with characters having to face the consequences of what they did. It would most definitely have been more complicated if Ben had lived, but it would also have been more realistic and rewarding. Let’s face it, Kylo Ren is basically a Neo-Nazi, or any group akin to them. When you stop being an extremist the things you did don’t just disappear. It’s things that has to be lived with. It would have been much more current if Ben had also been forced to live with the consequences.  

Rey having an ImPoRTanT and PoWErful grandfather was Bad. It took away that “anyone can be powerful, even if you don’t have a family”. Which is the thing that differated Rey from other main character in the Star Wars saga. Luke came from an already established lineage, and his father, Anakin was basically space Jesus. Rey nobodyness made her unique and relatable.     

Last but not least, very little of this movie felt original. It was mostly a retelling of Return of the Jedi. It was fun, but not exiting.     

Now, onto the fun parts:

When I was in third grade the boys in my class used to play Star Wars, this was before I had watched any of the movies. The same guy always played the Emperor, and that guy had curly hair. So for some reason I thought that the Emperor also had curly hair. I was very disappointed when he was bald. Having the Emperor as the main antagonist brings back these feelings of disappointment.

Something that I’m really sad that we didn’t get to see, is the interaction between Ben Solo and general Hux. I’m laughing just thinking about it. A redeemed Ben and the man that betrayed him and the first order. He can’t be mad about it, because he is no longer with the first order, but I don’t think that he would have been happy either. It would have been hilarius. Also, general Hux was probably the funniest character in this movie. 

Other good parts includes but are not limited to:

  • The time Kylo Ren and Rey played tug of war with a transporter ship.
  • The implications that the Emperor had sex.
  • The vision Rey had, of her and Kylo on the Sith throne together. The throne was a tiny one, they would have had to be sitting really close together, or one would have to be sitting in the other person’s lap.
  • The fact that the Emperor was so salty over being thrown down a hole that he did the same to Ben.
  • Everything that C-3PO did.