Books of September

Or, I really liked “Jag ser allt du gör”

Since I am the only person in my family that regularly leaves home for a longer period of time, mother asked me to borrow her book club’s next book for her. Sure, I said. After all, Stadsbiblioteket is less than three minutes from school, and we have so many long breaks. 

All of my first impressions of the book was confusion. Firstly, the title. It sounds like a crime novel, it isn’t. Secondly, when I first saw the book, the cover looked like a child with bad color taste had tried to paint a face. 

My mother had six days to finish it, it only took her three. But then again, I did it in two. 

I was unsure if I would read the book, I did after all have another one that I had already started. But then my book was kind of horrifying (Khaled Hosseini type of horrifying) so I took a break from it and read “Jag ser allt du gör” instead. It might be the best decision I’ve made this year, or at the very least the best decision in the month of September. It was marvelous. 

Annika Norlin excels at writing people. All of her characters are wonderful, hilarious and often heartbreaking. 

My favorite novel would have to be the last one, about a woman whose child has died and to deal with her grief she starts walking. I feel sad, often. I have obviously never felt ‘my child just died sad’. But still, I could relate so damn hard to the woman. I have never read something that describes sadness so well. I too want to just leave. By reading this story the feeling lessened.        

At other times Norlin’s writing was so fun. I loved reading about the musicians, it often felt like I was there with them. And come on, the shit they get up to is just hilarious. Really bad lyrics?, really terrible performances?, one really funny relationship that falls apart? This story got it all. 

Just go read “Jag ser allt du gör”, it deserves the hype. 

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