Growing up in a dystopia

What kind of economic growth is worth my future? Can you put a price on that?

It feels a bit weird to grow up in the beginning of a dystopia, knowing that I can do nothing to stop it and that those that can stop it, does nothing. 

I can’t even remember when they started teaching us about climate change. But I do remember being told not to take the car, because it was bad for the environment. I must have been at least eight years from being able to get a driving licence, what the fuck were we supposed to do? 

I should not feel guilty when buying something new. I should not have to feel bad about having to take the car as much as I do. I should not yearn for when I can move away from home and stop having plastic packaging around. I should not feel apprehensive thinking about what my future holds. 

My friend sometimes jokes about dying young, because the world will be too fucked to live in, when we are fifty. Sometimes I don’t think she’s joking. Sometimes I agree with her.   

Back to school. I don’t think that there is one subject where the environment isn’t mentioned. I’m eighteen and I’m already getting tired when they mention it. We know. You don’t have to remind us. We can’t do anything. Please don’t make me have yet another climate based project. I don’t want to debate different kinds of energy. I don’t want to read about how poor countries are affected worse than others, even though it isn’t their fault. I don’t want to live like this. Fix it!    

I hate reading about Greta Thunberg. It makes me so mad that a girl one year younger than me, has to be the face for the climate movement. It wasn’t us that fucked the world up! We should not have to be the ones to fix it. It makes me so mad that the grownups won’t take their responsibility. Fix what you wronged!

Also, fuck Lyskekil! What kind of economic growth is worth my future? Can you put a price on that? 

I once complained to my mother about grownups not doing the right thing, and she told me that idealism belongs to the youth and that grownups become cynical. But mother dear, I have been told about the world’s independent doom since I started school. I am as cynical as it gets. Still, I refuse to give up, I will not let the greed and comfort of adults destroy the world. I refuse to go down any other way than fighting.

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